The Contradiction

In a group of 10 people, 9 will be affiliated with Christianity, making Christianity the leading religion in the world today. However, how much of us have experienced some situation that someone professes to be a Christian but their character and attitude depicts the opposite? Yes, we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and yes, no one is without sin. Will that be the excuse of the ages for their misdemeanor and contradicting character?

Jesus is the profession of the Christian faith, his character was humble, selfless, he loved unconditionally, kind, caring and all the adjectives that describe one of noble character. Yet, there are some Christians that are selfish, boastful, merciless, and arrogant. A total contradiction to the character of Christ. The people who encounter these self professed “Christians” with immoral character, despises the church and dismiss any programs, activities are even visits by others of the denomination. Still, we wonder why so many hate the church, or religion?

Who we are is not reflected by the words we say, instead it is the character and attitude we demonstrate.

“Words are but a mist in the wind, actions are a true reflection of words declared”

Therefore, if one announces that they are a Christian, they should exude the radiant character of Jesus. Their actions should reflect Christ beyond the walls of the sanctuary. One must be able to identify that they are a Christian because of the character they have. Often times, the life you live is only testimony that someone will ever see of Jesus Christ, and it is your duty to be stewards of God.

In whatever aspect of your life, whatever you declare to be whether Christian, Muslim, Hardworking, Loving, Selfless or otherwise; ensure that your actions and character reflect what you want others to perceive you to be.

The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions. – Steve Mariboli

Time: The most valuable resource

My mornings start at 6:30 AM on school days, I have my morning devotions and then I proceed to prepare myself for school, if I decided to style my hair, deviating from my usual ponytail, it would take me at least an half an hour to decide what I wanted to do and execute it. Before I know it, the time is 7:30 AM and peak hours have begun therefore I’m definitely going to be late for school. I then frantically get dressed and leave home and arrive at school often times an half hour or even an hour late.

However, what if I woke up an hour earlier? How much more would I execute? Would I arrive to school on time?

The answer is YES!

We often times argue that we do not have enough time in a day in order to accomplish task. But, do we calculate the hours we waste doing nothing? Wasting away our time scrolling on our social media pages. Procrastinating and telling ourselves that “we will do it later”, but later never seems to occur. We ignore the due dates as if we have all the time in the world to complete each task, and as a snake in the grass, time creeps us on us. We become frantic and produce our “best” work. But, is it really our best?

The answer is NO!

If we budgeted our time wisely, and began earlier it would allow time for rereading and circumspection that we may correct errors and make frugal decisions that will impact our work more efficiently.

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.- Charles Richard

Time budgeting does not only impact our our ability to produce and accomplish the task at hand in a timely manner, it also impacts our productivity within a day. If we budget our time wisely we will be able to: meditate, work towards dreams, accomplish task, read, enjoy entertainment, and there will still be time for your spouse. Time budgeting allows us to keep a track of what we are doing, and how much time is allotted to each activity. Therefore, this will not result in a time deficit on important activity and a time surplus on unimportant activities.

Time is a very valuable resource, it will determine if you become successful and proactive or if you become mediocre and unproductive.

Let us practice time management that we may all accomplish great things today.

In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking.” – Sir John Lubbock

Jamaica Land of Beauty

Despite the headlines discouraging tourist from visiting Jamaica it is ranked as the third most affordable destination in the Caribbean; as reported by US News , “Jamaica has long been a prime destination for tourists thanks to its laid-back culture, impressive scenery and varied attractions”. The main tourist hubs being Montego Bay, Ochi Rios, Negril and Port Antonio.

Tourist are often hypnotised by the captivating beaches, with glistening  blue waters that flicker in the sunlight. The unique culture is dominated by vibrant fast paced music, with its dominating genres Reggae and its subculture Dancehall. Jamaica is also famous for its fine food and cooking; Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Roasted Yam with salted Codfish, Ackee and salted Codfish, Jamaican Beef Patty,  and Crayfish Soup is among the top foods to have on your visit to Jamaica. Aside from the beautiful beaches and exquisite meals, Jamaica is the place for you to find exotic attractions such as the legendary Bob Marley Museum, zip lining through trees and bob sleighing on mountain sides at the Mystic Mountains, climbing the great Dunns River Falls,  and rafting the Rio Grande River, these are a few of the many places that can be visited on a trip to Jamaica.

Although Jamaica may be one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, she has been recognized at the Olympic games for her running sensation that has won eight(8) gold medals; Usain Bolt, holding the title as the fastest man in the world. Clad in his black, green and gold symbolizing the Jamaican flag ; Usian Bolt along with athletes Warren Weir, Veronica Campbell and Asafa Powell has brought Jamaica’s name to popularity, creating history at the Olympic Games.

Jamaica has a tropical climate all year round, whether it be the summer or the winter  you can enjoy and soak up the sun. Jamaica is the place to be for your next vacation. A unique culture filled with great food and attractions awaits.

The Black Trend

One of the leading issues in a black society is identity. Some women embrace the naturalistic subculture, where natural is beautiful, nappy, afro, kinky hair is chic. The black skin tone is praised and is untarnished by chemicals that will lighten the skin. While, the rest of the populace embraces the use of skin lighteners in order to be seen as beautiful and chemicals are used  to relax their nappy hair to become straight and silky smooth. Over the past few years, the latter has been becoming the less dominant subculture. Could this be a change in the psychology of our black women? or has this black naturalistic subculture become a new trend? It is no longer wrong to wear bantu knots in public (it still is in some Jamaican schools), it is okay to embrace your natural nappy hair, it is okay to have curves in the model industry. Haven’t black women; and men of course, long existed before now? However, everyone is now embracing their black roots, black men especially are saying they prefer black women, with natural assets, without make up, without the hair extensions, and other artificial additives that female wear. Could it be that women have enhanced their beauty with these cosmetics to the point that men have now shifted to embracing natural beauty? Modelling agencies are now embracing the indifferent black woman, with the short nappy hair, and the dark chocolate skin tone, racking up revenues for their modelling agencies, because ‘black is in demand’. Will “black is beautiful” become a thing of the past or will it be developed as a integral part of our society so that the black people can now accept it as their identity?